Recommended Reading: October 29

If 1194037219_dbe466f6f1_o-1-750x660you read two articles this week, look at A Random Musing on an Inapplicable Moment in History by Chris T. Casberg and Rod Dreher’s summary and commentary on Russell Moore’s First Things Erasmus Lecture, The Religious Right: A Eulogy.

For those of you with additional reading time this late-October weekend, check out the following selections, gathered from around the blogging world. Happy Reading!

Theology and Religion

Why Does Your Church Worship as it Does? by Michelle VanLoon

The Insufficiency of Spontaneous Prayer by Mike Landsman

Twelve Lies American Evangelicals Believe by Tyler O’Neil

Squirrel Life by Johanna Byrkett

Biblical Studies and the History of Christianity

The Value of Knowing the Bible’s Transmission History via Peter Gurry

A “Law-Free” Apostle Paul? by Larry Hurtado

Why Does “All Creation Groan” in Romans 8:19-22? by Phil Long

The Myth of the ‘Ignorant Fishermen’ by Jim West

Reformed and Always Reforming by Chris Gehrz

Worldviews and Culture

The Conservative Intellectual Crisis by David Brooks

When Christians Should Not Vote by Luke Townsend

Our Age of Anxiety: Surviving the Political Realignment by Gleaves Whitney

The Crisis of the Conservative Intellectual by Matthew Continetti


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