Below are some internet resources which I have found informative, formative, or (occasionally) both. These resources are in alphabetic order whenever possible.

Bibles – English

Academic | Biblia | Bibles-Online | New English Translation of the Septuagint

Bibles – Original Languages

Byzantine Greek New Testament | Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library | Kata Biblon | Nestle-Aland | Vetus Latina | Novum Testamentum Graece | Syriac Peshitta

Biblical Studies

Best Commentaries | Bible Research | Biblical Criticism and History Archives | Biblical Humanities | Biblical Studies | Biblical | Euangelion Kata Markon | Institute for Biblical Research | Jesus Blog | NT Blog  | New Testament Gateway | Tyndale Archive of Biblical Studies | Torrey’s Resources for Biblical Studies | Review of Biblical Literature

Care Resources

Stephen Ministries | American Association of Suicideology | National Institute of Mental Health | National Suicide Prevention Hotline

Christianity and Culture

American Center for Law and Justice | Barna Group | Canon and Culture | Conciliar Post | Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission Ethika Politika | First Things | For the Sake of Arguments | Hemlock and Hedgehogs | Institute for Advanced Cultural Studies | Institute on Religion and Democracy | Manhattan Institute for Policy Research | Modern Reformation | Mere Orthodoxy | Public Discourse | Stand to Reason | Summit Ministries

Databases and Libraries

Association of Religion Data Archives | Bibliographies for Theology (Harmless) | Boyce Digital Library | Brepolis Databases | Digital Map of the Roman Empire | Dumbarton Oaks | Saint Louis University Databases | Talmud | Wabash Center | World Catalog | Vatican Apostolic Library

History of Christianity – Early

Beth Mardutho: The Syriac Institute | Center for Early African Christianity | Centre for the Study of Christian Origins | Comprehensive Bibliography on Syriac Christianity | Early Christian Studies | Early Jewish Writings | Extra Biblical Writings | Fourth Century Christianity | | Iconography of the Ancient Near East | JECS Abbreviations | Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship | Patristic Materials | Resources for Syriac Studies

History of Christianity – Primary Sources

Bibliographies for Theology | Christian Classics Ethereal Library | Corpus Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum Latinorum | Documenta Catholica Omnia | Early Christian Writings | Early Church Fathers | Fordham University History Sourcebooks | Jonathan Edwards Center | Latin Library | Norman Anonymous | | St. Patrick’s Confessio | Tertullian Project | Patralogia Graeca | Patrologia Latina | Thesaurus Lingua Graecae

Language Tools

Academy of Ancient Languages | Ancient Near Eastern Languages | Biblical and Ancient Greek Linguistics | Compendious Syriac Dictionary | Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon Project | LEO (German Dictionary) | Lexilogos Syriac Dictionary | Liddell-Scott-Jones Greek English Lexicon | Perseus | Syriac Tools | Whitaker’s Words (Latin Dictionary)

Professional Organizations

American Academy of Religion | American Society of Church History | Evangelical Theological Society | Institute for Biblical Research | North American Patristics Society | North American Society for the Study of Christian Apocryphal Literature | Society of Biblical Literature

Public Policy and Education

Cato Institute | Center for Cultural LeadershipHeritage Foundation | Hogwarts Professor | Hoover Institution | Imaginative Conservative | Jim Collins | Underground Grammarian

Texts and Textual Criticism

Bart D. Ehrman | Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana | Bibliotheque nationale de France | Brice C. Jones (Papyrology) | Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts | Codex Sinaiticus | Dead Sea Scrolls | Encyclopedia of New Testament Textual Criticism | Evangelical Textual Criticism | Goodspeed Manuscript Collection | Library of Trinity College Dublin | TCG – Textual Commentary on the Greek Gospels | Texts of the Gospels

Theology (General)

Ancient Faith RadioBoston Collaborative Encyclopedia of Western Theology | By Living Waters | Canon FodderDonald T. Williams | Faith and Theology | Gary Habermas | Hell Online | Journal of Comparative Theology | Mere Orthodoxy | Orthodox Theology | Oxford Handbooks | Paul Copan | Trinity House

I reserve the right to agree or disagree with anything posted to these sites. If you find that a link does not work, please contact me at sonblestjacob (at) gmail (dot) com.

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