Discerning Witnesses: First and Second Century Textual Studies in Christian Authority. Wake Forest University: ProQuest UMI Publishing, 2014.

“Reading Across Traditions: Comparing the Theological Anthropologies of Ramanuja and Augustine of Hippo.” Journal of Comparative Theology 5, 1 (January 2015): 40-57.

“1 Clement.” Edited by Hayward, Quast, McLay, and Taylor. The Dictionary for the Septuagint and the Early Greek Jewish Scriptures.  (Forthcoming)


“Saint Patrick’s Scriptural Imagination: The Scriptural World of Early Medieval Ireland.” Patristics, Medieval, and Renaissance Conference, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (October 2015).

“Blogging Ecumenically: The Present and Future of Online Orthodox-Catholic Dialogue.” ‘That They May Be One’:The Past, Present, and Future of Orthodox-Catholic Dialogue, Saint Louis, Missouri (October 2015).

“Conceptions of Scripture in First Clement: Composite Citation.” Midwest Evangelical Theological Society Meeting, Chicago, Illinois (April 2015).

“Odes of Solomon and Gospel of John: Common Milieu or Literary Relationship?” Midwest Region Society of Biblical Literature Conference 2015, Bourbonnais, Illinois (February 2015).


Teaching E-Books

Understanding Islam Source Reader (2015)

World Religions Reading Packet (2016)


For copies of conference papers, please contact me at prahlowjj [at]

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