Top Ten Posts of 2015

Top 10Although I’m a stat-head when it comes to sports, politics, and personal finances, I generally try to avoid obsessing over statistics when it comes to writing or serving in the church. Why? Because I think that things which matter will matter regardless of how many people are participating. Of course, I want as many people as possible to read what I have to write (if only to offer feedback) and hear what I have to say (if only to push back in disagreement). But I try to not dwell on the numbers side of things too much… Except when composing my “Top Ten” list at the end of the year, that is!

Below are this year’s most frequently visited posts, listed most popular first.

1.  Predestination and Freewill: N.T. Wright

2.  Messianic Expectations of Second Temple Judaism

3.  Luther and Zwingli on the Lord’s Supper

4. March Biblical Studies Carnival

5. Comparing Historical Luther’s: Reformation Breakthrough

6. Comparing the Historical Jesus: Crucifixion

7. Deaths of the Apostles

8. A Protestant Reformation Without Martin Luther?

9. Parable of the Prodigal Son: Arland Hultgren

10. Luther on Secular Authority

Just missing the list were some of my most popular book reviews of the year, including Karen Armstrong’s Fields of Blood and Did God Really Command Genocide? by Copan and Flannagan. Random noted is the fact that outside of the English-speaking countries, Pursuing Veritas is most popular in Germany, the Philippines, India, France, and Brazil. I even got one view from Azerbaijan this year: next year I’ll try for two. Thanks to everyone for reading along!


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