Luther’s Two Kingdoms: Links

Martin Luther
Martin Luther

Over the past two weeks I’ve run a series on Luther’s Doctrine of the Two Kingdoms. While there are unquestionably portions of Luther’s ethic which are possibly problematic and have been interpreted poorly (see Nazi Germany), I do think the Two Kingdom’s can serve as a useful mode of thinking in today’s context, as I briefly noted over at Patheos Evangelical. I would love hearing any thoughts on the series and/or Luther’s value for today.

By way of review for this series, below are links to all of the articles from this recent series.

Luther’s Two Kingdoms: Introduction

Luther’s Two Kingdoms: Context

Luther’s Two Kingdoms: Sword and State

Luther’s Two Kingdoms: Applied Ethics?

Luther’s Two Kingdoms: On Temporal Authority

Luther’s Two Kingdoms: Christ and Authority

Luther’s Two Kingdoms: Christian Passivity?

Luther’s Two Kingdoms: Critique

Luther’s Two Kingdoms: Conclusions

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