Recommended Reading: February 18

ThinkingIf you read one article this week, engage Dark, Dark, Dark, Dark, Dark, Dark by Corey Hirsch.

For those of you with additional reading time this weekend, check out the following selections, gathered from around the blogging world. Think I missed sharing something important? Let me know in the comments section below.

Theology and Religion

Round Table: The Purpose of the Local Church via Conciliar Post

Dangerous Gospel: Recognizing the Danger by Jonathan Storment

The Poverty of Sola Scriptura by Matthew Bryan

Remembering and Appreciating John Stott by Nijay Gupta

Is Evangelicalism Entrepreneurial? by Scot McKnight

Biblical Studies and the History of Christianity

A Reformation Bibliography by Carl Trueman

What is “Gospel Textualization”? by Julia Lindenlaub

The Riddles of Hebrews by Ken Schenck

Historical Jesus Studies and Textual Criticism by Peter Gurry

Spreading the Faith: Moving Coins and Moving Communities by Philip Jenkins

Worldviews and Culture

Leftwing Intolerance and Rightwing Hypocrisy by Michael Brown

Saint Valentine, Martyr by C.C. Pecknold

Don’t Let the Culture of TV Evangelism into Christian Ed: Do Online Well by John Mark Reynolds

Can This Presidency Be Saved? by Ross Douthat

The ‘Lego Batman Movie’ Fills a Gaping Hole in the Batman Canon by John Ehrett

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Christ-Follower. Married to Hayley. Father of Bree. PhD student in Historical Theology at Saint Louis University (19). Love Reading, Thinking, and Blogging.

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