SSP: Confessio 55 and Psalm 54

This post is part of an ongoing series on the Scriptures of Saint Patrick of Ireland.

Confessio 55 & Psalm 54:22  
Patrick O’Loughlin (168) ‘Cast your burden on God, and he will sustain you.’
  Bieler (88) & Conneely (48) Jacta cogitatum tuum in Deum et ipse te enutriet.
Psalm 54:22    
  Vulgate (54:23) proice super Dominum caritatem tuam et ipse enutriet te
  B (5th c. Italy) Jacta in Dominum curam tuam et ipse te enutriet
  Anglo-Saxon Psalter (8th c.) Jacta in Deum cogitatum tuum, et ipse te enutriet
  Roman Psalter (4th c.) Jacta in Deum cogitatum tuum;  et ipse te enutriet

This final example stands as yet another example of the difficulty in ascertaining Patrick’s textual source. Certainly he is relying upon a Vetus Latina tradition (which is not surprising, since Jerome’s translation of the Psalms was never very popular), but which Psalter he employs is not immediately evident. While Patrick employs the Deum common to the Anglo-Saxon and Roman Psalters, his word order and emphasis are different enough to suggest reliance on another version or a stylistic modification.


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