SSP: Confessio 25 and Romans 8

This post is part of an ongoing series on the Scriptures of Saint Patrick of Ireland.

Confessio 25 & Romans 8:26  
Patrick O’Loughlin (154) ‘Likewise the Spirit helps the weakness of our prayers; for we do not know how to pray as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with ineffable sighs which cannot be expressed in words.’
  Bieler (72) & Conneely (37) Spiritus adiuuat infirmitates orationis nostrae: nam quod oremus sicut oportet nescimus: sed ipse Spiritus postulat pro nobis gemitibus inenarrabilibus…
Romans 8:26    
  Vulgate similiter autem et Spiritus adiuvat infirmitatem nostram nam quid oremus sicut oportet nescimus sed ipse Spiritus postulat pro nobis gemitibus inenarrabilibus
  d (5th c. France) Similiter autem et sps adiubat infirmitatem nam quid oremus si quod oportet nescimus sed ipse sps postulat gemitibus qui eloqui non possunt.
  f (8th-9thc. Western Europe)[1] Imilitur autem et sps adjuvat infirmitatem orationis nostrae; Nam quid oremus sicut oportet nescimus. Sed ipse sps postulat pro nobis gemitibus inenarrabilibus.
  z (8th c., British Isles)[2] Similiter aute et sps adiuuet infirmitatem nostrae; Na quid  oremus sicut oportet nescimus; Sed ipse sps postulat pro nobis gemitibus inenarrabilibus.

This is another passage where—apart from the use of some nomina sacra and minor word order shifts—Patrick’s citation and each of the period manuscripts are remarkably similar. The length of this passage suggests that Patrick had immediate (or near immediate) access to a copy of Paul’s Epistle to the Romans, though textual evidence does not suggest any particular version.

[1] Codex Augiensis. Argued to be based on a much earlier Greek exemplar.

[2] Codex Harleianus.


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