Recommended Readings: August 6

stanthonypokemon-750x547If you read one article, look at The Desert Fathers Play Pokemon Go by Chris Casberg.

For those of you with additional reading time this fine August weekend, check out the following suggestions, gathered from around the blogging world. Think I missed sharing something particularly important? Let me know in the comments section below. Happy Reading!

Theology and Religion

Through the Cracks by Johanna Byrkett

Why Baptists Should Be the First to Defend the Religious Liberty of Muslims by Timon Cline

What They Didn’t Tell Me in Sex-Ed by Leah Libresco

Holy Crap: Prayerful Thoughts from the Changing Table by Christopher Casberg

Biblical Studies and the History of Christianity

Biblical Studies Carnival July 2016 hosted by Phil Long

No Creed but the Bible? by Scot McKnight

Jesus and God by Larry Hurtado

The Curious Case of Ethiopian Orthodoxy by Matthew Bryan

Who’s Really Influenced by Their Cultural Situation? by Michael Kruger

Worldviews and Culture

Bigot-Baiting by R.R. Reno

A Good Man Justifies a Wicked Deed: Grudem on Trump by John Mark Reynolds

What Wayne Grudem Should Have Said by Scot McKnight

One Third Part Evangelicals Should Look at Seriously: The American Solidarity Party by Matthew Loftus

The Politics of Solidarity by David McPherson


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