The Scriptures of Saint Patrick: Introduction

The Context, Influence, and Form of the Biblical Text in Patrick of Ireland’s Confessio Some fifteen hundred years after his death, Saint Patrick of Ireland remains one of the most recognizable representatives of the Christian tradition. Beloved by Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, and partaker in riotous spring-time drinking alike, Patrick’s epic propagation of the Christian faithContinue reading “The Scriptures of Saint Patrick: Introduction”

Recommended Reading: June 4

If you read one article this week, engage The One Really Interesting Story by Timothy George. For those of you with additional reading time this weekend, check out the following selections, gathered from around the blogging world. As always, if you read something interesting this week that deserves a share, let me know in theContinue reading “Recommended Reading: June 4”

Women in the Apostolic Fathers: Bibliography

This post is the final in our series on Women in the Apostolic Fathers. For a complete copy of this paper, please email me at prahlowjj [at] Ancient Sources Acts of Thecla. Edited and translated by Jeremy W. Barrier. The Acts of Paul and Thecla: A Critical Introduction and Commentary. WUNT 2, 270. Tübingen:Continue reading “Women in the Apostolic Fathers: Bibliography”