Recommended Readings: April 23-30

If you read one article today, make it Have You Noticed Beauty? by Johanna Byrkett.Rocky-Mountain-National-Park

For those of you not swamped with finals, projects, and comprehensive exams (my excuse for the lateness of this post), check out the additional suggestions below. Think I missed sharing an important article? Let me know in the comments below.

Theology and Religion

I Am the Very Model of a Modern Ultramontanist by Clare Coffey

Does Apophatic Theology Denature Christianity (Part II) by John Ehrett

Doe Christians Have a “Persecution Complex”? by Craig Keener

Youth Ministry Feeds the Church and the Family by Mike McGarry

Why Can’t We Just Call Ourselves “Christians”? by Roger Olson

Biblical Studies and the History of Christianity

Was Early Christianity Hostile to Women? by Michael Kruger

No “Church Mothers”? That Seems Doubtful by Elissa Cutter

Why A Written Gospel? by Peter Gurry

Scrolls and the Early Codex  (video) by Larry Hurtado

The Rider and the White Horse by Phil Long

Worldviews and Culture

What’s Wrong with Rights? by Adam MacLeod

Modern Weddings Have Lost Interest in the Marriage Bed by Leah Libresco

Idols: Past and Present by Kevin James Bywater

See No Evil by Samuel James


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