Recommended Reading: July 18-24

U.S. Capitol 1793-1863 Washington, DC, USAIf you engage one article this week, read After Obergefell: Prospects, Predictions, Program by Peter Leithart.

If you’ve got more time to read the following selections from around the blogosphere. As always, if you think there is something else I should be reading, feel free to let me know in the comments section below.

Theology and Religion

Christian Theology Needs Good Stories by Rachel

Grace and Catholicism – Repentance by Ben Winter

The Dissolution of Our Parishes by Andrew M. Haines

A Radically Toxic Combination by Christopher Jackson

How a Theologian’s Insights about Symbols Relates to the Present Kerfuffle about the Confederate Flag by Roger Olson

Biblical Studies and the History of Christianity

Jesus the Essene by Philip Jenkins

Lexham Bible Dictionary is Complete by Phil Long

“Jesus’ Wife” Fragment: The Collective Negative Judgment by Larry Hurtado

Psalms 44-47: The End of Time by Paul Pavao

The Conflict Myth of Joshua 6-7 by William Hart Brown

Worldviews and Culture

Getting Out of Your Intellectual Silos by Thomas Kidd

Five Things I’ll Tell My Kids about the Supreme Court Decision by Chelsen Vicari and Alison Howard

Are We Witnessing the Suicide of Thought? by Drew McIntyre

The Fact Free Left & The Fact Free Left (Part II) by Thomas Sowell

Real Politics After the Culture War by Caleb Bernacchio and Philip de Mahy


Bonus Link: 2015 Center for World University Rankings


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