Recommended Reading: June 27 – July 3

wedding-cake-745x482If you read one article this week, engage After Obergefell: A First Things Symposium

If you’ve got more reading time on this fine Independence Day, check out some other recommendations below, gathered from around the blogging world during this past week. As always, if you think there is something else I should be reading, feel free to let me know in the comments section.

Theology and Religion

An America without Churches by Dominic Bouck

On Becoming a Humble Theologian by Brandon D. Smith

A Letter to Undergraduate Students of Religion by Lance Logic

Have You Lost Your Soul? by Fr. Stephen Freeman

When J.I. Packer Walked Out by Sam Storms

Biblical Studies and the History of Christianity

Online Database of Syriac Manuscripts by Peter J. Gurry

Violence, the Old Testament, and Ethics by Karen R. Keen

Galilee in the First Century CE by Marg Mowczko

‘Seven Times in Chains’: 1 Clement 5.6 and the New Testament by Peter Head

A New Gospel Manuscript in Athens? by Daniel Wallace

Worldviews and Culture

Neo-Racism and Its Crimes Against Humanity by Joseph Pearce

Yes, Remove the Confederate Flag. But What Then? by Thomas Kidd

A Christian’s Guide to Thinking about Marriage Equality (Or Any Other Moral Issue) on the Internet by Laura Norris

A Culture War Worth Finishing by Samuel James

Supreme Court Disasters by Thomas Sowell

Special Section: Obergefell v. Hodges Same-Sex Marriage Reactions

The Statement of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops

Reflections on the Gay Marriage Decision by Peter Wehner

And Now… What Conservative Churches Must Do by Roger Olson

SCOTUS Symposium: Judicial Activism on Marriage Causes Harm: What Does the Future Hold? by Ryan T. Anderson

40 Questions for Christians Now Waving Rainbow Flags by Kevin DeYoung


Bonus Link #1: June 2015 Biblical Studies Carnival by William Ross

Bonus Link #2: The Return of the Avignonian Carnival by Jim West


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