New Testament/Early Christianity Timeline

One of my academic projects includes working toward a historical G.U.T. (Grand Unified Theory) of the early history of Christianity. This type of project is by no means a new endeavor, though this doesn’t stop me from pouring over timelines and historical reconstructions to appropriate information for my own work.

As a starting point for this work, I’ve crafted two timelines of early Christianity: one reflecting the Scholarly “Consensus” (recognizing the difficulty of using that term) and one reflecting an alternative chronology.

Scholarly "Consensus" NT/EC Timeline
Scholarly “Consensus” NT/EC Timeline
Alternative/Early Dating NT/EC Timeline
Alternative/Early Dating NT/EC Timeline

I also want to point out some helpful online timeline/context resources which I’ve found helpful. These include the following: Chronology of Roman, Jewish, Christian Events (J.B. Phillips); A Timeline of Christianity (A New Christian’s Handbook); Timeline for the History of Judaism (Jewish Virtual Library); and Religion Timelines: Jewish History + Christian History.


What type of New Testament/Early Christian chronology do you subscribe to?

What other timeline resources would you recommend, either online or in print?


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3 thoughts on “New Testament/Early Christianity Timeline

    1. Hi Ashley,
      Unfortunately, I haven’t quite completed research on my OT timeline yet (more books and more viewpoints to shift through). Hopefully I’ll be able to share it before too long.

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