Recommended Readings: January 31-February 6

N. T. Wright
N. T. Wright

If you engage one article this week, read If You Don’t Get the Future Wright by Scot McKnight.

If you have a little more time on your hands, consider the following suggestions. As always, if there’s something else you think I should be reading, feel free to let me know in the comments.

Theology and Religion

Grace is For Yuppies: How Reformed Theology Engages  New York City by George Aldhizer

A Response to Ken Ham’s Response to Justin Taylor by Samuel James

Brutality or Beatitude? by Ben Winter

What’s A Christian Martyr? by Peter Leithart

Measles and Mainline Protestants by Samuel James

Biblical Studies and the History of Christianity

Free eBooks from the Biblical Archaeology Society

The Future of Christianity in America, Part III by Chris Casberg

Why We Call Mary the Mother of God by Ben Cabe

Is the Trinity Biblical? by Michael Bird

How Different Are the Writings of John and Paul? by Daniel Gullotta

Worldviews and Culture

The Heart of Music by Roger Scruton

How Conservatives Are Getting Right on Crime by Rachel Lu

A Politics of Denunciation by R. R. Reno

Obama versus American by Thomas Sowell

Vaccines and Aborted Human Tissue by Justin Smith and Joe Carter


Published by Jacob J. Prahlow

Husband of Hayley. Dad of Bree and Judah. Lead pastor at Arise Church. MATS from Saint Louis University, MA from Wake Forest University, BA from Valparaiso University. Theologian and writer here and at Conciliar Post. Find me on social at @pastorjakestl

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