Recommended Reading: November 8-14

God, Sistine ChapelIf you read one article this week, engage the Conciliar Post Round Table on the Image of God.

If you’re got time for some more reading, check out the suggestions below. As always, if there’s something you think I should be reading (or have read this week) feel free to leave a comment below.

Theology and Religion

I Was Hungry and You Fed Me… Even When It Was Illegal by Craig Watts

On Being Annoyed by George Aldhizer

Some Observations about Hart’s The Experience of God by Luke Stamps

Do Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God? by Roger Olson

Trinity as Communio by Michael Novak

Biblical Studies and the History of Christianity

Mike Bird on the Gospels: Author Interview by Jason Maston

The “Hellenists” of Acts: Dubious Assumptions and an Important Publication by Larry Hurtado

Seven Common Misconceptions about the Hebrew Bible by Marc Zvi Brettler

Ecumenicism and Russian State Power by George Weigel

The Catholic Church in American: An Interview with Robert P. George by Ryan Shinkel

Worldviews and Culture

Exploded into Being by Divine Love by George Weigel

The Zizum of Love by Jason Hood

The Downfall of the Muscular Christian Pastor Mark Driscoll by Mark Tooley

What Happened? by Thomas Sowell

Does Caring About the Environment Actually Make You Conservative? by Roger Scruton


Published by Jacob J. Prahlow

Husband of Hayley. Dad of Bree and Judah. Lead pastor at Arise Church. MATS from Saint Louis University, MA from Wake Forest University, BA from Valparaiso University. Theologian and writer here and at Conciliar Post. Find me on social at @pastorjakestl

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