Recommended Reading: November 1-7

Minas TirithIf you only read one article this week, check out J. R. R. Tolkien’s Vision of Just War by Jay Wesley Richards and Jonathan Witt.

If you have time to engage some other readings, check out the selection below. And, as always, if you think there’s something else I should be reading, please let me know in the comments.

Theology and Religion

Wine, Halloween, and What I Learned about Romans 14 by Michael Bird

Stop Making Fun of Philosophy and Read Some Philosophy by Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry

Who Has the Authority to Write Theology? by Stephen H. Webb

No Magic Book by John Frye

Wild November Fire by Johanna Byrkett

Biblical Studies and the History of Christianity

Postmodern Skepticism and the Four Senses of Scripture by Ryan Shinkel

Martin Luther Seminar in Review hosted by Bart Gingerich

On the Making of Papyrus by Ben Witherington

The 5th of November and Ahistorical Anarchists by Bart Gingerich

The Four Gospels and the Rule of Faith by Matt Emerson

Worldviews and Culture

The Ignorant State of the Union by Bruce Frohnen

Catholic Capitulation on Same-Sex Marriage by R. R. Reno

Five Thoughts on Voting by Kevin J. Bywater

Movie Review: Interstellar by John Ehrett

Promiscuity Pays by David Mills


Published by Jacob J. Prahlow

Husband of Hayley. Dad of Bree and Judah. Lead pastor at Arise Church. MATS from Saint Louis University, MA from Wake Forest University, BA from Valparaiso University. Theologian and writer here and at Conciliar Post. Find me on social at @pastorjakestl

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