Recommended Reading: August 23-29

If you only read one article this week, check out R. R. Reno’s thoughts on Ferguson, Missouri. I know you’ve probably read lots about Ferguson in the past few weeks, but the overall trajectory of this article is worth your contemplation.

If you’re interested in reading some other thought-provoking articles, visit the suggested links below. As always, if you think there’s something I ought to be reading, please let me know in the comments section below.

Theology and Religion

Mark Bauerlein reflects upon how rhetoric, liberty, religion, and culture all interact in How Deep Is Your Faith, Really?

Over at Conciliar Post, Jeff Reid ponders human relationships and the Safety of Love through the lens of C. S. Lewis and Sheldon Vanauken.

Check out George Weigel’s Knowing the Trinity, on how the Trinity is known through the history of the people of God.

Biblical Studies and the History of Christianity

This week Larry Hurtado weighs in on YHWH in the Septuagint in a post that’s worth your read, especially if you’re interested in Second Temple Judaism and/or Christian origins.

In response to Peter Enns recent (and popular) series on the ‘aha moments’ of Biblical scholars, this week Michael Kruger kicked off a series entitled Does the Bible Ever Get It Wrong? Facing Scripture’s Difficult Passages. The first perspective is that of Greg Beale of Westminster Theological Seminary.

Worldviews and Culture

Peter Strzelecki Rieth remembers Father Jerzy Popieluszko (friend of Karol Wojtyla, Pope John Paul II) and his message of Overcoming Evil with Good and true Christian love, a message worth our reflection in today’s often violent context.


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