Recommended Reading: August 9-15

St. Louis at NightBelow are this week’s recommended readings from around the internet. We moved this week from Winston-Salem (NC) to Saint Louis (MO) – there will be more on that later – so I apologize for the relative lack of suggestions. Things should return to normal this coming week. As always, if there are any blogs that you think I need to be reading, please let me know in the comments section below. Cheers, JP

If You Only Read One Article, Read The Foolishness of an Ebola Doctor by Collin Garbarino

Theology and Religion

A Hermeneutic of Trust by Chad Chambers

The Evangelical Academy by Richard Mouw

Unto What Then Where Ye Baptized? by Stuart Kerr

Biblical Studies and the History of Christianity

Pre-Adamite Populations by RJS

Past Tense Christianity by Chris Smith

The Septuagint: Some Scholarly Resources by Larry Hurtado

Worldviews and Culture

How to Survive Demonization by Pete Spiliakos

Conservative Ideas Still Rising by TJ Whittle

Forgetting the Christians by Mark Movsesian

The Imitation of Socrates by Christopher Nelson

Published by Jacob J. Prahlow

Christ-Follower. Married to Hayley. Father of Bree. PhD student in Historical Theology at Saint Louis University (19). Love Reading, Thinking, and Blogging.

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