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Denominations We Are Visiting

Obviously the candidates that we are considering for this Church Search will go a long way in determining where we eventually end up. While we are fairly certain of the general area that we will end up, in attempt to learn about and experience the great diversity of the People of God in the American context, we are planning to research and visit a variety of denominations and churches. As you can see from the list below, we have purposefully tried to be as broad as possible. Mid-way through the first stage of this search, we decided to amend the number of denominations that we would visit. The reasons for this are twofold. First, we want to expedite a process which, given the number of different Christian denominations in America, could take a very long time. Second and as noted before, we are fairly certain of the general area that we will end up eventually. We still hope to use this search as an opportunity to learn about and experience the great diversity of the People of God in the American context. *Denominations listed alphabetically by category*

Baptist Churches: Progressive Baptist and Southern Baptist Convention

Eastern Orthodox Church

Episcopal Church

General Protestant Churches: Assemblies of God,  Church of God, Missionary Church USA, Moravian Church, Presbyterian Church of America (PCA), United Church of Christ, and United Methodist Church

Lutheran Church: Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and Lutheran  Church – Missouri Synod

Roman Catholic Church

Originally posted 30th July 2013, and re-posted by 4th February 2014.


Topics for Consideration

Faith: The Beliefs and Doctrines of the Church: Ancient Israel,Body of Christ/Nature of the Church, Creation, Creeds (Apostles, Nicene, Athanasian, Chalcedon Definition), Divine Revelation, Ecclesiology and Church Order, Eschatology/Second Coming, Free Will and Predestination, God, Heaven/Hell, Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, Judgment, Justification, Resurrection, Sanctification, Scripture, Sin/Fall, Soteriology/Salvation/Redemption, Spiritual Beings, Theological Anthropology/Humanity, Trinity, and the Virgin Mary.
Practice: Practices of the Church in the World: Abortion, Baptism, Church Liturgy, Communion, Confession, Confirmation/Catechism, Contraception and Birth Control, Family, General Ethics, Marriage, Miraculous Gifts (Speaking in Tongues, Healing the Sick), Missions/Evangelism, Natural Law, Ordination, Other Institutions/Sacraments, Penance, Prayer, Same-Sex Relationships, Spiritual Disciplines, Stewardship/Environmental Issues, Ten Commandments/Lord’s Prayer, Warfare/Just War, Works of Charity, and World Religions.
Reason: The relationship of the Church to the Modern World: Apologetics, Christian Education, Church, State, and Religious Liberty, Origins (Creation/Evolution), Reactions to Modernity, Reactions to Postmodernity, Relationship of Faith and Reason, Relationship to Academic Discourse, Relationship to Natural Sciences, and Relationship to Philosophy.
*Topics listed alphabetically by category
**While each respective topic remains within a broad category, we affirm that each of belief or practice cannot stand alone, either in relation with other beliefs and practices, or with regard to its categorization. For example, just because the Doctrine of the Blessed Virgin Mary is listed under “Faith” and not “Practice” or “Reason” does not indicate that a respective belief concerning the BVM does not have practical or reasonable effects. Each topic has been categorized for organizational and not ontological purposes.

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