Ep11: Is Mary the Mother of God?

In this episode of the Church Debates series, we ask if Mary is the Mother of God, wrestle with the Marian dogmas, and talk about how the Theotokos controversy impacted the Christology debates of the Council of Ephesus.

Reflections on “Nomadic Text” (Part II)

In this first half of Nomadic Text, Breed does much to complicate a notion of biblical reception history.[1] The problematic nature of borders frames this argument, specifically the murky ways in which biblical scholars often define (or fail to define) the differentiations between the composition and reception of texts. No longer may complicated zones beContinue reading “Reflections on “Nomadic Text” (Part II)”

Reflections on “Nomadic Text” (Part I)

As someone planning a dissertation on “reception history” (albeit it somewhat differently defined and undertaken than Breed), Brennan Breed’s concept of reception history and his application in Nomadic Text offer several potentially fruitful routes forward. Foremost, Breed offers numerous opportunities for raised awareness of the issues surrounding the field of reception history. First, he rightlyContinue reading “Reflections on “Nomadic Text” (Part I)”

Recommended Reading: November 12

Happy Post-Election Weekend dear readers! If you engage one article today, I suggest Confessions of a Repentant Voter by Leslie Leyland Fields. For those of you with additional time to read this fine fall day, check out the selections below, gathered as always from around the blogging world. This week I include a special “2016Continue reading “Recommended Reading: November 12”

The Wilderness and Early Christian Monasticism

In the sixth chapter of his The Word in the Desert, Douglas Burton-Christie reflects on the influence of eschatology, compunction (penthos), asceticism, and the struggle against evil on the shape of the scriptural interpretation of the Desert Fathers (and Mothers). Highlighting monastic awareness of coming death and judgment (182-3), compunction and the power of scriptureContinue reading “The Wilderness and Early Christian Monasticism”

Ep10: Is Jesus Fully Man?

This episode of the Church Debates series examines Christology between the Council of Nicaea (325) and the Council of Constantinople (381), with particular emphasis on the question of whether Jesus was fully human or not.

Some Post-Election Reflections

This was unexpected. For weeks, pundits were talking about the flexibility of polling (it looks like the major polls were ~3-4% points off) and the unknowability of the “Silent Trump vote” which came out en masse yesterday. This was yet another election where the experts were off in their predictions enough that it mattered inContinue reading “Some Post-Election Reflections”

Exodus from Bondage?

Response to “Exodus from Bondage: Luke 9:31 and Acts 12:1-24” by Susan Garrett In her article “Exodus from Bondage: Luke 9:31 and Acts 12:1-24,” Susan Garrett argues that Luke employed a soteriology of exodus, wherein Jesus (and to a lesser extent, through thematic recapitulation, Peter) stood as true Israel and freed his people from bondageContinue reading “Exodus from Bondage?”

Recommended Reading: November 5

If you read one article this week, look at Zoos and the Re-enchantment of Existence by John Ehrett. For those of you with additional reading tie this November weekend (how is it November already?), check out the following selections, gathered from the far reaches of the blogging world.

Ep9: Is Jesus Fully God?

This episode of the Church Debate series looks at the questions and context of the Council of Nicaea, introducing early Christology and focusing on the different theologies of Arius and Athanasius.