A Prayer for Comprehensive Exams

A Prayer for Students by Thomas Aquinas Creator of all things, true source of light and wisdom, origin of all being, graciously let a ray of your light penetrate the darkness of my understanding. Take from me the double darkness in which I have been born, an obscurity of sin and ignorance. Give me aContinue reading “A Prayer for Comprehensive Exams”

Recommended Reading: April 18-24

If you read one article this week, engage When We Cared by Filip Marurczak. If you have more time for reading this weekend, check out the following suggestions from around the internet. As always, these links are categorized into three sections: “Theology and Religion”, “Biblical Studies and the History of Christianity”, and “Worldviews and Culture.”Continue reading “Recommended Reading: April 18-24”

Brace Yourself… (for a Blogging Hiatus)

In preparation for comprehensive exams and semester finals for my doctoral program at Saint Louis University, I have decided to forgo blogging for the next couple of weeks. I will continue to post my “Recommended Readings” selections on Saturdays, but will otherwise be away until things settle down a bit, at which point all ofContinue reading “Brace Yourself… (for a Blogging Hiatus)”

Recommended Reading: April 11-17

If you read one article this week, consider The End of the University by Roger Scruton. For those of you with additional reading time this fine Spring morning, consider the following suggestions from around the blogosphere. As always, if you think there is something else I should be reading, please let me know in theContinue reading “Recommended Reading: April 11-17”

Reflections on Mary: Theotokos

This post is part of an ongoing series reflecting on Mary and her role in Christian theology. I begin these reflections on the Marian topic with which I am most comfortable: calling Mary the “Mother of God” or (in the language of the early Church) the theotokos (God-bearer). There are several reasons for my affirmationContinue reading “Reflections on Mary: Theotokos”

Scriptural Poetics and Ephrem’s Theology of Names

This post is part of an ongoing series examining Ephrem the Syrian and early Syrian Christianity. Those familiar with the contents of the Jewish and Christian scriptures cannot help but notice how the imagery and language of these writings pervades the writings of Ephrem. The problem with Ephrem’s extensive use of the metaphors and terminologyContinue reading “Scriptural Poetics and Ephrem’s Theology of Names”

Rethinking Christianity?

A while back I posed a question to my Facebook friends: “Do we need to rethink Christianity?” I asked this question in response to an article concerning the need for part of the Christian Church (specifically, the Roman Catholic Church) to rethink its stance on numerous doctrinal points. Now whether you think the Roman CatholicContinue reading “Rethinking Christianity?”

The Marcion Question: Introduction

Over the next several weeks, Pursuing Veritas will be examining the theology of Marcion of Sinope, especially his role in the formation of Christian Scripture, Authority, and Canon. Marcion of Sinope remains one of the most intriguing and polarizing figures in the discussion of Early Christianity.[1] Labeled everything from the true originator of the ChristianContinue reading “The Marcion Question: Introduction”

Book Review: As One Devil to Another (Platt)

Many readers of C. S. Lewis have enjoyed reading his Screwtape Letters, a series of correspondences between two demons, the instructor Screwtape and his nephew Wormwood, as they attempt to secure the damnation of their human “patient.” As delightfully diabolical and insightful as Lewis’ work is, however, few writers have adopted his style of “apologetics-by-dialogue”Continue reading “Book Review: As One Devil to Another (Platt)”

Recommended Reading: April 4-10

If you read one article this week, engage Correcting Saint John by Russell Saltzman. For those of you with more reading time on your hands, check out the following suggestions from around the internet. As always, if you think there is something I should be reading, feel free to let me know in the commentsContinue reading “Recommended Reading: April 4-10”