Understanding the Times Reading Packet (Rooftop Church, Spring 2019)

Courses Taught

  • A Guide to Church Denominations
  • Acts of the Apostles: Spirit on Mission in the Early Church
  • Church Debates: What Christians Believe and Why
  • God’s Story: The Biblical Metanarrative and Church History
  • Gospel According to Matthew: Pictures of Jesus
  • Introduction to the New Testament
  • Introduction to World Religions
  • Isaiah: YHWH’s Plan for His People
  • Making Sense of the Book of Revelation
  • New Testament Textual Criticism
  • Ruth: Rescued by the Redeemer
  • Theological Foundations
  • Understanding Islam
  • Understanding the Times: An Introduction to Worldviews
  • Understanding Transcendentalism
  • Urban Legends of the New Testament