Announcing Conciliar Post

Conciliar PostI am pleased to announce the launching of Conciliar Post, a website dedicated to the promotion of edifying dialogue which informs, encourages, and challenges people around the world.

As the About page indicates, “Conciliar Post is a collection of theological conversations, journeys of faith, reflections on Christianity, and commentary on current events from a Christian perspective. The authors hail from a variety of Christian traditions and use this website to host an intentional community in order to facilitate the true exchange of ideas and to encourage loving action.” Conversations at Conciliar Post are all about faithful and serious dialogue about serious topics in our world today.

As Managing Editor and Author, I am am very excited about the launch of Conciliar Post, as well as the superb team of authors we have assembled. Included are a wide range of theological traditions and backgrounds, making Conciliar Post one of only a few websites which are truly conciliar and ecumenical in scope.

I encourage you to visit Conciliar Post, take a look around, and consider following our work (either by email or social media). You’ll be glad that you did.