Recommended Reading: January 27

If you engage one thing this week, read or watch The Testimony of a Former Gymnast Who Confronts Her Abuser by Rachel Denhollander via TGC.

For those of you with additional reading time this weekend, check out the following articles. Think I missed sharing something important? Let me know in the comments section below. Happy reading! Continue reading

Recommended Reading: August 9-15

St. Louis at NightBelow are this week’s recommended readings from around the internet. We moved this week from Winston-Salem (NC) to Saint Louis (MO) – there will be more on that later – so I apologize for the relative lack of suggestions. Things should return to normal this coming week. As always, if there are any blogs that you think I need to be reading, please let me know in the comments section below. Cheers, JP

If You Only Read One Article, Read The Foolishness of an Ebola Doctor by Collin Garbarino

Theology and Religion

A Hermeneutic of Trust by Chad Chambers

The Evangelical Academy by Richard Mouw

Unto What Then Where Ye Baptized? by Stuart Kerr

Biblical Studies and the History of Christianity

Pre-Adamite Populations by RJS

Past Tense Christianity by Chris Smith

The Septuagint: Some Scholarly Resources by Larry Hurtado

Worldviews and Culture

How to Survive Demonization by Pete Spiliakos

Conservative Ideas Still Rising by TJ Whittle

Forgetting the Christians by Mark Movsesian

The Imitation of Socrates by Christopher Nelson

Recommended Reading: July 19-25

NunBelow are this week’s recommended blog posts from across the internet. If you think there’s a blog I need to be reading, please let me know in the comments section. As always, I hope you find these suggestions thought-provoking. Cheers, JP

If You Only Read One Article, Read A Line Crossed in the Middle East by Mark Movsesian

Theology and Religion

Apologetics and the Role of Plausibility Structures by Joe Carter

Third Schism by Peter Leithart

What We’re Really Saying by Bart Gingerich

Six Things Not to Say at  Funeral by Chad Bird

Religious Liberty: Special Interest or Constitutional Right? by Bart Gingerich

Biblical Studies and the History of Christianity

‘Honour the Image of God’: The Incarnation and Early Christian Philanthropy by Gary Ferngren

The Bible’s General Trend and Hell by Scot McKnight

“Kyriocentric” Visions and the Origins of Jesus-Devotion by Larry Hurtado

How Jesus Became God (At a Glance) by Nick Norelli

Saintless Christianity by Fr. Stephen Freeman

Worldviews and Culture

Hard Truths About Class in America by Bruce Frohnen

Millennials, the Church, Society, and the World by Ryan Hunter

Bordering on Madness by Thomas Sowell

The Twilight of Conservatism? by Aaron Taylor

The Many Fabricated Enemies of Feminists by Daniel Payne

Recommended Reading: July 12-18

Rodin's Thinker

Rodin’s Thinker

Below are this week’s recommended blog posts from across the internet. As always, I hope that you find them interesting, informative, and thought-provoking. Best, JP

If You Only Read One Article, Read A Proposal to Schedule Thought by Gregory Pine

Theology and Religion

Suffering and Death | A Christian Perspective by Ben Cabe

Stanley Hauerwas Reflects on End Times, the End of His Life by Jonathan Merritt

Defending the Historic Christian Faith (?) by Doug Beaumont

A Church for Exiles by Carl Trueman

Hamilton’s Religion and Ours by Mark Movsesian

Biblical Studies and the History of Christianity

NT Papyri as Artifacts of Early Christianity by Larry Hurtado

The Joy of Teaching Primary Sources by Ben  Myers

What Women Bishops Mean for Christian Unity by Ephraim Radner

Why Another Introduction to the Hebrew Bible? by Bill T. Arnold

Writing a Commentary on Romans: An Interim Report by Michael Bird

Worldviews and Culture

Fighting a (Just) Culture War by John Goerke

Is Evangelical Morality Still Acceptable in America? by Alan Nobel

The Virtue of Unread Books by Scot James

Lawsuits and Impeachment by Thomas Sowell

Total Depravity is the Key to Social Justice by Mark Tooley

Recommended Reading: May 31 – June 6

RainbowBelow are this week’s recommended readings from across the internet. May you find these article interesting and thought-provoking. Cheers, JP

If You Only Read One Article, Read How I Evolved on Gay Marriage by Matthew Schmitz

Theology and Religion

Twenty-Five Myths [About the Christian Faith] by James Emery White

On Chicago’s Muddy Waters by Mike Licona

A Scholar with a Passion for Truth by Timothy George

Does (Visible) Church Unity Really Matter? by Barney Aspray

The Genius of Byzantium: Reflection on a Forgotten Empire by Marcia Christoff-Kurapovna

Biblical Studies and the History of Christianity

Does the New Testament Quote the Old Testament Out of Context? by Craig Keener

The Date of P66 (P. Bodmer II): Nongbri’s New Argument by Larry Hurtado

Why the Rapture Isn’t Biblical… And Why It Matters by Kurt Willems

Ehrman on Jesus: Amendments by Larry Hurtado

Genesis 1-10 as Ideological Critique by RJS

Worldviews and Culture

Our Collective Hatred of Ignorance by Gracy Olmstead

The history of magazines holding 11 or more rounds by David Kopel

A Teaparty for Everyone by Pete Spiliakos

The Paradox of Expertise by Marc E. Fitch

Liberalism and the Empowerment of Ignorance by Daniel Schwindt

Recommended Reading: May 3-9

o-PINT-GLASS-BEER-facebookAt the end of every week several recommended blog posts from around the internet will be posted at Pursuing Veritas. This links are designed to stimulate reflection and discussion. There will be an “If You Only Read One” suggestion, as well as five links each for the categories of “Theology and Religion”, “Biblical Studies and the History of Christianity”, and “Worldviews and Culture.” Below are this week’s recommended links.

If You Only Read One Article, Read Just Getting a Drink by Douglas Wilson

Theology and Religion

Convergence and Classical Protestantism by Peter Leithart

Thoughts on “The Future of Protestantism” by Matt Emerson

How Fundamentalism Retreats by Peter Leithart

Why Neil deGrasse Tyson is a philistine by Damon Linker

 A Crash Course in Q by John Murdock

Biblical Studies and Church History

Jesus’ Wife: What’s the Story Now? by Larry Hurtado

Breaking News on the First Century (?) Fragment of Mark by Steve Carroll

When God Spoke Greek… Did We Forget Who God Was? by Mike Skinner

Who Are the Heretics and Why Do They Matter? by Jeremy Bouma

Mark’s Ending by Philip Jenkins  and Does Mark Have a Lost Ending? by Michael Kok

Worldviews and Culture

Extreme Poverty is Declining – Why Haven’t You Heard About It? by Hugh Whelchel

Academic Writing as Infestation and Plague by Bradley Birzer

Why Aren’t Evangelicals Talking About Natural Family Planning? by Chelsen Vicari

The Unburied Truth about Jim Jones by A. J. Delgado

Moral Bankruptcy by Thomas Sowell