Ep20: Predestination and Freewill Redux

In this episode of the Church Debates series, guest speaker Kyle Harbaugh leads a discussion of the Predestination and Freewill debates during the Reformation period, especially those surrounding TULIP.

Predestination and Freewill: Augustine and Pelagius

This post is part of our ongoing series examining Romans, Predestination, and Freewill. The use of Romans in the construction of soteriological concerns has a long and varied history. Perhaps the most important discourse concerning the will involved St. Augustine of Hippo and the English monk Pelagius, both of whom relied upon Pauline thought inContinue reading “Predestination and Freewill: Augustine and Pelagius”

Romans, Predestination, and Freewill

For the next three weeks, Pursuing Veritas will be running a series examining Romans, Predestination, and Freewill through the lens of Martin Luther and Erasmus of Rotterdam’s famous Reformation era debate and contemporary Biblical scholarship. Since the beginnings of the Jesus movement countless people, in response to the Good News of God, have asked theContinue reading “Romans, Predestination, and Freewill”