SSP: Confessio 25 and Romans 8

This post is part of an ongoing series on the Scriptures of Saint Patrick of Ireland.

Confessio 25 & Romans 8:26  
Patrick O’Loughlin (154) ‘Likewise the Spirit helps the weakness of our prayers; for we do not know how to pray as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with ineffable sighs which cannot be expressed in words.’
  Bieler (72) & Conneely (37) Spiritus adiuuat infirmitates orationis nostrae: nam quod oremus sicut oportet nescimus: sed ipse Spiritus postulat pro nobis gemitibus inenarrabilibus…
Romans 8:26    
  Vulgate similiter autem et Spiritus adiuvat infirmitatem nostram nam quid oremus sicut oportet nescimus sed ipse Spiritus postulat pro nobis gemitibus inenarrabilibus
  d (5th c. France) Similiter autem et sps adiubat infirmitatem nam quid oremus si quod oportet nescimus sed ipse sps postulat gemitibus qui eloqui non possunt.
  f (8th-9thc. Western Europe)[1] Imilitur autem et sps adjuvat infirmitatem orationis nostrae; Nam quid oremus sicut oportet nescimus. Sed ipse sps postulat pro nobis gemitibus inenarrabilibus.
  z (8th c., British Isles)[2] Similiter aute et sps adiuuet infirmitatem nostrae; Na quid  oremus sicut oportet nescimus; Sed ipse sps postulat pro nobis gemitibus inenarrabilibus.

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Book Review: Lord Jesus Christ (Hurtado)

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