SSP: A Comparison of Patrician Scripture Registers

This post is the final contribution to the series on the Scriptures of Saint Patrick of Ireland. As Fraz Stuhlhofer notes, one important aspect of considering scriptural citations in early Christian literature is to consult the findings of previous studies, especially those involving scripture registers. Accordingly, I have offered a summary of the major scriptureContinue reading “SSP: A Comparison of Patrician Scripture Registers”

The Marcion Problem: Canon Refinement (Part I)

This post is part of an ongoing series examining Marcion of Sinope and his influence of the formation of the New Testament canon. We now turn to the third perspective on Marcion’s relationship with the notion of a specifically Christian canon, namely that while Marcion likely refined the idea and parameters of canon, he wasContinue reading “The Marcion Problem: Canon Refinement (Part I)”

NT Canon: Second Century

This post is part of an ongoing series outlining the formation of the New Testament canon. By the end of the second century, Christians and Christian writings had spread to every corner of the Roman Empire. And with this increase came an increase in quotations, allusions, and citations of New Testament writings. The research ofContinue reading “NT Canon: Second Century”