Book Review: The Rapture Exposed (Barbara Rossing)

In her book, The Rapture Exposed: The Message of Hope in the Book of Revelation (Basic Books: New York, 2004), Barbara R. Rossing confronts perhaps one of the most confusing and highly debated theological topics within the modern Christian Church: the interpretation of the Biblical book of Revelation. In this book, Rossing covers the tenantsContinue reading “Book Review: The Rapture Exposed (Barbara Rossing)”

Recommended Reading: May 17-23

Below are this week’s recommended readings from across the internet. As always, I hope that you find them insightful and challenging. Cheers, JP If You Only Read One Article, Read The Days of Socially Acceptable Christianity are Over by Robert P. George Theology and Religion Treating People Like Human Beings by Ben Cabe The FutureContinue reading “Recommended Reading: May 17-23”

Why Does the NT Contain These Books?

Some of the most common questions that I am asked are some variation of “Where did we get the Bible?” or “Why are these specific books included in the Bible?” In conjunction with yesterday’s post on Where We Got the New Testament, this post seeks to address why the New Testament includes the writings whichContinue reading “Why Does the NT Contain These Books?”

Recommended Reading: May 10-16

Below are this week’s recommended blog posts from around the internet. May you find them interesting and insightful. As always, be sure to check out the “If You Only Read One” suggestion. If You Only Read One Article, Read The Church Is Wrong by Owen Strachan and Andrew Walker Theology and Religion Facebook Theology thatContinue reading “Recommended Reading: May 10-16”

Deaths of the Apostles

While Christians often talk about the death (and resurrection) of Jesus Christ, they often don’t give much thought to the the deaths of his earliest followers. No doubt this is because of the centrality of Christ’s death and subsequent resurrection for Christian faith. Additionally, the historical sources for accounts of the deaths of the apostlesContinue reading “Deaths of the Apostles”

Ancient Hebrew Cosmology

Human beings often presume our own worldview when trying to make sense of a message or a text. As anyone who has had an argument based upon a misunderstanding knows (think of Abbott and Costello’s “Who’s on First?” routine), assuming that other people mean exactly what you think they mean, without making sure that’s whatContinue reading “Ancient Hebrew Cosmology”

Recommended Reading: May 3-9

At the end of every week several recommended blog posts from around the internet will be posted at Pursuing Veritas. This links are designed to stimulate reflection and discussion. There will be an “If You Only Read One” suggestion, as well as five links each for the categories of “Theology and Religion”, “Biblical Studies andContinue reading “Recommended Reading: May 3-9”

Five Things Everyone Should Know About the New Testament Canon

Most Christians, and I would dare say most Americans, know some basic things about the Christian New Testament. But many people don’t know (or don’t want to know) how the New Testament came into being. Some people seem to think that Gospels, Acts, Epistles, and Revelation fell from the sky in a nicely leather boundContinue reading “Five Things Everyone Should Know About the New Testament Canon”

Five Things Everyone Should Know About the Bible

The Christian Bible remains the most influential written work of Western Civilization, influencing language, government, economics, social groups, institutions, and culture. While many people own a Bible and some even read it on occasion, there are some things that you should know about the Bible that you might not have heard before. (1) The writingsContinue reading “Five Things Everyone Should Know About the Bible”

Bible Translations, Not Inspired

Occasionally I will run into someone who holds and unusually “high” view of a certain translation of the Bible. The most notable (or notorious, depending on your position) are those people who subscribe to the “King James Only” position. But there are also people I have met who argue for the supremacy of the RevisedContinue reading “Bible Translations, Not Inspired”