Ep16: Resuming Church Debates

This episode kicks off the second semester of the Church Debates series with some preliminary remarks, an overview of the Reformation and post-Reformation periods to be covered, and takes a look at some important theological points from Anselm and Aquinas.

Ep15: How Should Christians Spread the Gospel?

This episode of the Church Debates series reflects on the question of How Christians Should Spread the Gospel by examining the spread of Christianity in the medieval period.

Thinking with the Early Middle Ages

“When the thinker thinks rightly, he follows God step by step; he does not follow his own vain fallacy.”1 Studying the Middle Ages is a complex process, not only for the plethora of information one must process in order to have a halfway-informed perspective into the period, but also for the multitude of ways inContinue reading “Thinking with the Early Middle Ages”