Rooftop Church (2018-)

Summer in the Son: Who Do You Say That I Am?; Who is the Son of Man?; Prophet, Present, and Future; (forthcoming)

Faith at Work: Horrible Bosses; Work and Rest

Romans – The Continuing Mission: Travel Plans; Post Credits Scene

Romans – Food Fight: (Don’t) Have It Your Way; Fights, Fasting, and Focus

Romans – Morph: Gifts for Good; Good Government?

Romans – Anguish and Hope: A Leap of Faith; The Unrejected; What Is Going On?!

The Rock Church of Saint Louis (2016-2018)

Revelation and the Seventh Seal

Prayer: The Importance of Prayer; Meditative Prayer; The Lord’s Prayer; Listening Prayer; Doubting Prayer; Intercessory Prayer; Confession; Simple Prayer

The Coming of the King: Surprised by the King; Searching for the King; Waiting for the King

Pause: How to Hear the Voice of God

Signs of the End? Lessons from Jesus on the End of the World

God’s Story: The Drama of Scripture

When Should We Forgive?

Kallam Grove Christian Church (2012-2013)

Walking in the Truth of the Gospel

Forgiveness in Matthew

For the text of messages, please email me at prahlowjacob [at]

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